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YL420B 2400mm Lifting Height Powered Full Electric Drum Stacker


1. Load capacity 420kgs;
2. Eagle-grip design;
3. Power drive, lift, transport and stack steel drums & plastic drums;
4. Imported electrical vehicle exclusive walking control system;
5. Manned pedal, can be operated by one people, labor saving and high efficiency;
6. With step-less speed regulator, high-power reversing switch, integrated hydraulic pump stations, power walking driving wheel;

Product Parameter

Drive typeElectric
Operating typeStanding steer type
Load capacity 420kg
Lifting height2400mm
Total height 1923mm
Total length2270mm
Total width865mm
Turning radius 2150mm
Max.Grade ability(fully-loaded/no-load)3% / 5%
Driving wheel sizeØ250mm×80mm
Brake typeElectromagnetic braking
Drive motor power1.2kw
Lifting motor power2.2kw
Noise level<70db(A)
Battery voltage/capacity 24V/240Ah
Net weight990kg

Product Details