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ES30... Electric Lift Table(Single scissor / two scissor)


◆Always the correct working height
◆Steel construction with plat form made from Sheet Steel
◆Chrome plated handle
◆Foot pedal operated hydraulic lifting
◆Optional screw type loweing and line type lowering

Product Parameter

Model(Single scissor)ES30ES50ES75ES100
Table Size L×Wmm1010×5201010×5201010×5201010×520
Table Height H(Min./Max.)mm450/950450/950450/950480/950
Wheel Dia.mmΦ100Φ150Φ150Φ150
Net Wightkg140148154169

Model(two scissor)ES30DES50DES91D
Table Size L×Wmm1010×5201010×5201010×520
Table Height H(Min./Max.)mm495/1600495/1618510/1460
Wheel Dia.mmΦ150Φ150Φ150
Net Wightkg183198220

Product Details

Electric Lift Table

Electric Lift Table