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YLG01... Balance fork, Crane Fork


◆No slings or chains necessary.
◆Crane operator will not need to leave cab of lorry or crane.
◆Forks will remain horizontal when loaded and unloaded.
◆Adjustable fork width.
◆Adjustable height.

Product Parameter

Fork Width(b)mm350-900400-900450-900530-1000
Effective Height(h)mm1100-16001300-20001300-20001300-2000
Fork Length(L)mm1000100010001000
Hook Height(h1)mm1390-18901640-23401670-23701700-2400
Fork Cross(D)mm100×30120×40120×50150×60
Overall Size(L×W×H)mm1120×920×13901140×920×16401140×920×16701160×1020×1700
Net Weightkg130200250370

Product Details

Crane Fork

Crane Fork

Crane Fork