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TYX-5 Hydraulic Heavy Duty Cable Drum Reel Safety Stand


Scope of application
◆Supporting the wire disc with using the matching fork when placing the wire in the wild.
◆The modular structure makes it easy to disassemble packaging and transportation.
◆Apply to using on the ground in the wild;
◆The speed of the take-up rack should be less than 2Km/h and cannot be steered;
◆The load of wire reel should be reasonably distributed according to the load capacity of the take-up rack and the forklift attachment, and overload or partial load isn’t allowed;
◆Each runner bearing and shaft part should be inspected regularly every 3 months, add lubricating oil (fat), check and lock each pin and moving parts;
◆Lock the T-screw to prohibit shifting with the fork;
◆When releasing and receiving the line, it should be braked with manual timely, and forced to push under the non-braking state;
◆Special note: This machine is non-insulating antistatic material to avoid electrical safety accidents;
◆It is banned to using this machine when the temperature is more than 120℃and the environment with strong acid, phenol, chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, barium chloride, etc.

Product Parameter

Applicable coil diametermmØ100-Ø1200
Applicable coil widthmm100-1500
Net  weightkg71.5

Product Details