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The development trend of material handling equipment


The development trend of material handling equipment

With the overall development of China's logistics market, it also brings unprecedented development opportunities to the material handling equipment industry. The first-class production equipment industry in the modern logistics industry chain in the material handling equipment industry. Hardware tools are the main provider for the development of modern logistics industry. It is the basis for the integrated development of modern logistics, machinery and equipment manufacturing in the traditional and modern logistics industries. Modern logistics Important basic industry sector. Therefore, to realize the rapid development of modern logistics industry, it is necessary to have the support of logistics equipment and facilities, material handling equipment, and modern logistics industry chain. An important part of its development has attracted more and more attention and Pay attention to.

   At present, the development prospects of my country's material handling equipment industry are very gratifying:

 one. The clustering trend of the global material handling equipment industry is constantly developing, that is, manufacturing companies in the same industry or related industries gather together in the local (region) organically, and gain competitive advantages through continuous innovation. In the process of industrial agglomeration, characteristic small and medium-sized enterprises play an important role. Regionally concentrated enterprises and related institutions (universities, chambers of commerce, etc.) compete and cooperate in specific fields.
 two. The equipment manufacturing industry is developing in the direction of comprehensive informatization, and its new development trend is mainly the development and application of flexible manufacturing systems, computer integrated manufacturing systems, and the development direction of manufacturing intelligence. In this process, industrial informatization, softwareization and high value-added will be realized; technology integration will be seen from the characteristics of technological development; from the perspective of product development, products will be highly value-added, intelligent, systematized and networked. The integration will be manifested as system integration, software integration, technology integration and interface integration. Network technology has accelerated the globalization process of the manufacturing industry and changed the production and circulation methods of the manufacturing industry, especially the equipment manufacturing industry. E-commerce and IT technology have fundamentally changed the production, consumption and circulation methods of the equipment manufacturing industry, brought about tremendous changes in the trade field, and accelerated the globalization process of the equipment manufacturing industry.
 three. Has entered a full service period. The whole process of today's manufacturing industry from market research, product development or improvement, manufacturing, sales, after-sales service to product scrapping, disintegration or recycling, involves the full life cycle of the product, and embodies the spirit of comprehensively serving customers and society. With the advent and continuous development of the knowledge economy, the manufacturing industry is transforming into a service industry and information industry in a sense. In recent years, the development of manufacturing networks and e-commerce has fully demonstrated the development trend of equipment manufacturing services. With the development of the servitization trend of the equipment manufacturing industry, the proportion of services (global services, the same below) in the sales of many companies has continued to increase, and the role of services in increasing the company's gross profit margin and operating profit margin has also continued to increase.